Mary Payne Gilbert can’t stop listening to podcasts and she can’t stop talking about podcasts. Now she's sharing her obsession with you. On Payne in the Pod, Mary Payne talks to podcasters about their shows, the stories they love to tell, and the personal insanity of being a podcaster.

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What people are saying about Payne In The Pod:

Great but heavy on true crime

05/05/2019 5:53 AM by Littlehut13 from United States

Great podcast and a unique idea. A little more variety in the types of podcasts highlights would be nice.

So many podcasts! Here’s how to find what’s next!

05/01/2019 12:25 PM by mdmsjr from United States

I have found so many new high quality podcasts listening to Mary Payne’s so I can focus my limited time. Thanks MP

Awesome idea for a podcast!

04/11/2019 10:12 AM by Ravs70 from United States

Mary’s interviews of other podcasters really has opened my ears to new shows! She is great with the questions and she really knows how to converse with her guests.

So good

03/12/2019 1:42 PM by KindaKrazy from United States

Love the podcast!


03/06/2019 9:08 PM by CheBelWad from United States

Fun! It’s a ride with a soft sweet southern accent guide into pods you may be debating about listening to OR a follow-up tea dropping update on your favorites! Either way entertaining while useful!


03/03/2019 1:04 PM by jessiej5581 from United States

Such a fun idea for a podcast, can't believe no ones done this yet!

Sheila Wysocki-Without Warning

02/19/2019 1:38 PM by Mm081796 from United States

I love all of Mary Payne’s podcasts, but her interview with Sheila Wysocki is my favorite so far.


02/12/2019 9:15 AM by mhick5 from United States

I remember the Susan Powell case. Very sad and creepy on all levels. I hope there is closure at some point. Great job, Mary Payne!

Loved to hear the behind the scenes

01/30/2019 10:54 AM by AlienInSF from United States

From my fav podcasters Mary Payne does a great job interviewing!


01/06/2019 11:52 AM by MKK in GA from United States

I’ve been loving this podcast. MP has had some of my favorite podcasters on already and has also turned me on to some new pods as well. She’s a great interviewer!


Just who is Mary Payne Gilbert?

Mary Payne grew up in the Deep South (which explains the whole double-name thing) with a love of southern literature and the art of storytelling.

She is a passionate follower of podcasts and created Payne in the Pod to discover what makes her favorite podcasts tick, dish about the people and stories being told and highlight new podcasts for her listeners.

Mary Payne grew up in Mississippi, attended Ole Miss and previously worked in marketing. She currently lives in the DC area with her husband and two teenagers.

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