Being Better with Personal Best

Andrew Norton from Personal Best joins Mary Payne in this episode. Andrew divulges how his co-host Rob Norman and him help people get over funny issues or accomplish things that they need help with. Since neither Rob nor Andrew are trained psychologists, they help individuals in unconventional ways. In season one of the podcast they helped a woman birth a cow, a chronic late rise and a messy eater, just to name a name a few. Season two has a tentative release of mid May.

Andrew’s Podcast Recommendations:

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This American Life

At the Letters

Good One

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Sheila Wysocki: Without Warning

In this riveting episode, Mary Payne dives into Lauren Agee’s mysterious death with Sheila Wysocki, host of the podcast Without Warning: The Lauren Agee Case. Sheila Wysocki is a private investigator who was hired by Lauren’s mother to investigate her “accidental” death. After the case failed to make progress in the court system, Sheila decided to take all of the information surrounding Lauren’s story and turn in into a podcast in hopes that the truth will be revealed.

Sheila breaks down Lauren’s disappearance and death as well as the potential individuals involved. Mary Payne’s mind is blown when Sheila drops some bombshells that have not yet been shared on her podcast. Sheila also shares that she is part of another investigative podcast calledBroke Busted and Disgusted, with eight private investigators who discuss different cases.

Sheila’s Podcast Recommendations:
Southern Fried True Crime
Broke Busted and Disgusted

Find Sheila at:
Twitter: @ScrappymomPI

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COLD: The Untold Story of the Susan Powell Case

In this fascinating episode, Mary Payne is joined by Dave Cawley, the host of the popular podcast Cold. Cold is a true crime podcast, in which Dave investigates the murder of Susan Powell, the murder-suicide that her husband Josh Powell later commits, and her obsessive father-in-law Steve. Dave lets Mary Payne in on how long it took him to tackle such a large case as well as why he decided to take it to a podcast platform. The two examine Josh’s family dynamics and the idea that abuse can be passed from generation to generation. Were Josh’s actions a direct result of the abuse he encountered at the hands of his step-dad, Steve? Mary Payne and Dave weigh in on this speculation. Dave also discloses to Mary Payne his theory on what really happened to Susan and who he believes murdered her.

Dave’s Podcast Recommendations:
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Let’s Get Judgey!

Mary, from Two Judgey Girls, a podcast that talks about all things Bravo TV and pop culture, sits down to talk with Mary Payne in this episode. Mary shares how her and fellow co-host Courtney met, as well as how they decided to put all their pop culture knowledge to good use. Mary lets Mary Payne in on the process the two girls use to keep their widely popular Instagram page fresh, entertaining, and constantly receiving blocks/unblocks. Mary Payne and Mary touch on the cast of Vanderpump Rules and Mary dishes on an encounter that Courtney and she had with one of their cast members.
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Our Favorite Podcasts of 2018

Mary Payne’s good friend Ingrid drops in for this episode. Mary Payne and Ingrid are active podcast listeners and listen to a wide variety of podcasts. Each of them has compiled a list of their top five podcasts from 2018.

The ladies discuss the good, the great and the cringe-worthy, including Teacher’s Pet and Dr. Death. However, true crime podcasts are not all that have made an impression upon them, How I Built This, Watch What Crappens and The Dream are some of the others that are mentioned. Ingrid does not hold back talking about one of her favorites, My Dad Wrote a Porno, despite Mary Payne’s shy and nervousness on the topic.

How do your top podcasts of 2018 compare to theirs, did yours make their cut?

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