Getting Crazy With Reality Cray Cray

Mary Payne visits with Kim and Kyle, hosts of the podcasts Reality Cray Cray and 90 Day Fiance Cray Cray.

Reality Cray Cray covers all of the 90 Day Fiance episodes as well as Love/Life After Lock-Up. The banter that takes place between hosts, friends Kim and Kyle, makes for a highly entertaining the podcast, especially since Kyle is a straight man who has a love/hate relationship with reality TV.

Kim and Kyle share some of their run-ins with cast members, some of which have been cordial while others have been confrontational and not-so-pleasant.

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Zodiac – A Cold Case for the Ages

The Zodiac Killer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. The podcast Monster: The Zodiac Killer explores all aspects of the Zodiac Killer case; the ins and outs of each killing, suspects, dates, and story followers.

Mary Payne sits down with podcast host, Matt Frederick, who shares what first drew him to the Zodiac case and an obsession that came with it once he started looking into it. He tells Mary Payne about the attraction of getting involved in a case that showcased a killer taunting the public and the code-breaking aspect that the public got involved in.

Mary Payne and Matt ponder the theory that Arthur Lee Allen was the killer and Matt provides his insight into why he thinks that Arthur was not the Zodiac.

Matt is also a Podcast Producer for iHeartRadio. He gives Mary Payne a sneak peek of some of iHeartRadio’s upcoming podcasts.

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Everyone likes a little Hollywood gossip and that is just what the podcast Grants Rants Hollywood Talk focuses on, the latest stories in Hollywood. Mary Payne sits down with Grant Rutter in this episode.

When Grant got started with his ranting in 2015, Youtube was saturated with others doing the same so he decided to start on the podcast platform. Since then, Grants Rants Hollywood Talk has become a widely popular podcast show. Each week he has a different guest on who acts more like a co-host. With the guest, Grant will discuss that week’s ongoing stories in Hollywood.

Grant shares with Mary Payne why he refuses to talk about the Kardashians on his show as well as why he dislikes Lisa Vanderpump. He also touches base on what exactly the Free Britney Spears Campaign is.

Aside from being a podcast host, Grant is also a podcast producer. Mary Payne and Grant discuss what goes into making a great podcast and what sets some podcasts apart from others.

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Celebrities and public figures get divorced all of the time, but how many of us really know the whole story behind the divorces? The podcast, Trashy Divorces, focuses on public divorces and how trashy and scandalous they really can be. Married couple and podcast hosts, Alicia and Stacie, visit with Mary Payne in this episode.

Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Charlie Sheen, and The Royals are just some of the famous divorces Alicia and Stacie have discussed on their podcast. They share with Mary Payne that most episodes take 15-20 hours of research to put together. Within each episode they each share a trashy divorce with one another and then they give each divorce a “trash can” rating based on how trashy it was.

Their show has been compared to My Favorite Murder, but without the murder aspect and Alicia and Stacie are happy to divulge their guilty pleasure with us all.

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good Texan true crime story? Gone Cold is a podcast that highlights cold cases from the State of Texas.

Mary Payne is joined by one of the show’s hosts, Vince, who reveals that this podcast is unlike most true crime podcasts: they highlight the life of the lost and/or missing as much as possible, rather than the suspect or offender. Vince shares how they choose which stories to honor and how each host has specific responsibilities for producing the episodes.

A case in one of Gold Cold’s first episodes — the disappearance and death of Carla Walker — had a major development and Vince shares the details with Mary Payne, as well as how the local police department is dealing with it.

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