Unsolved Mysteries and Cold Trails

Robin Warder from The Trail Went Cold joins Mary Payne in this episode of Payne In The Pod.

Each episode of his true crime podcast examines a different unsolved murder case and presents his hypothesis of what happened based on his own research. Robin reveals how he started his podcast by expanding on cases from TV’s Unsolved Mysteries and discusses the new ways DNA and genetic genealogy are helping to solve decades-old cold cases.

Listen in to learn why Robin like lesser-known cases and get details on some of the more interesting cases in this murder-packed episode!

Robin Warder’s Podcast Recommendations:

Blood and Truth

Canadian True Crime

Don’t Talk To Strangers

Find Robin at:

Twitter: @robin_warder

Facebook: @thetrailwentcold

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Southern Fried True Crime

Erica Kelley from Southern Fried True Crime leaps into all things southern with Mary Payne in this episode. Southern Fried True Crime is a podcast that tells stories of the darkest crimes occurring in the small towns of southern states. Mary Payne and Erica agree that crimes that take place in the south are rich, layered, and have a different feel to them than those that take place elsewhere. Erica enhances each crime, and story, simply in the style that she tells them – in a slow and methodical way. The two discuss some of the criticisms, and even threats, Erica has received after certain episodes that have aired.

Podcast Recommendations:
Without Warning
Gone Cold
The Fall Line
The Conspirators
Trashy Divorces
Once Upon a Crime
Hell and Gone

Find at:
Twitter: @southerfriedtruth
Email ideas to: southerfriedtruecrime@gmail.com

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Solving Cold Cases with Nina Innsted

Not Just Telling Stories: Helping To Solve Cases

Mary Payne has Nina Innsted from Already Gone and Don’t Talk to Strangers on this episode. Nina is a teacher-turned-podcaster who grew up around murder, as her father was a defense attorney on various cases. Already Gone’s episodes cover an older unsolved murder case in each episode. Since starting it three years ago, two cases have made headway since being featured on her podcast – the Kimberlee King case was reopened and a case from the ‘80s has found some new information.

Nina’s second podcast, Don’t Talk To Strangers, focuses on the Oakland County Child Killer from 1976-1977. In a year and a half time period in Oakland County, Michigan, nine children were murdered and four of those were believed to have been by the same person. Mary Payne and Nina contemplate if DNA could prove who the Oakland County Child Killer was and if there was a copycat during the time of the killings. Nina takes each case she covers very seriously and presents them in a fashion that brings respect to those who have been lost while still presenting the facts of each case.

Nina’s Podcast Recommendations:

Generation Why
The Fall
Articles of Interest
History Dweebs
The Conspirators

Find Nina At:

Twitter: @alreadygonepod and @dttspod

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Could Have Been The Perfect Crime

It Could Have Been The Perfect Crime

Mary Payne speaks with investigator Eric Benson from the true crime podcast Over My Dead Body. Season 1 is about the murder of Dan Markel, a lawyer and Florida State University teacher who was shot and killed in Tallahassee, Florida in 2014. It’s a shocking story about love, marriage, a scorned family, and the lengths people will go to get what they want.

There have been so many questions around this murder-for-hire plot: who did it, who planned it, who else was involved, and why. And of course, the most compelling question is what will happen next as trials in the case are scheduled to start in June 2019.

If you love true crime podcasts, this is one episode of Payne In The Pod you won’t want to miss.

Eric’s Podcast Recommendations:

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Find Eric and the podcast:

Over My Dead Body

Eric Benson

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Collecting Collectors

Some people collect things. Some people collect interesting things. And some people collect interesting things with an amusing and thought-provoking story behind why.

This episode’s guest, David Peterkofsky, hears their stories for his podcast For Keeps. Mary Payne and David waste no time and dive into discussing all of the interesting people and collections he has had on his show. He has talked to a condom collector, Ouija Board collector, and a collector of famous typewriters just to name a few. David mentions there are endless opportunities to find stories with collectors and their “whys”. With each collector, David has found that they don’t just collect but have some real motivation behind doing so.

David’s Podcast Recommendations:
Second Life
The Carolina Shout
99% Invisible
Twenty Thousand Hertz

Find For Keeps at:
For Keeps
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @forkeepspodcast

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