Following Up with Tiffany Reese of Something Was Wrong

Mary Payne welcomes back Tiffany Reese of the award winning podcast Something Was Wrong. Tiffany joined Mary Payne in Episode 27 of Payne in the Pod, where they talked about the Season 1 story of Sara’s engagement to a liar. In this episode, Mary Payne and Tiffany discuss the traumatic stories in Seasons 2 and 3 of Something Was Wrong.something-was-wrong

Stories of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Tiffany has produced three seasons of Something Was Wrong. Each story provides a gripping, immersive narrative into the experience of dealing with a narcissist, told from the viewpoint of the victim. 

Season One follows the story of Sara, who was duped into an engagement (and eventual breakup) with a narcissist and serial liar. The podcast became widely popular and won a “Podcast of the Year” Iris award in 2019. 

Tiffany’s two subsequent seasons take listeners into the lives of others who have been duped and emotionally abused. Season 2 follows Tee, a woman who befriended a deceptive and emotionally draining coworker. Season 3 brings the audience into the traumatic story of CJ, who deals with a narcissist seeking to ruin the lives of her in-laws.

Tiffany has kept in close contact with Sara, Tee, and CJ even after each season concluded. She has a strong emotional bond with these women who shared their traumatic experiences with her. 

Humanizing Interactions with Listeners

Tiffany has chosen to use her personal Instagram account to promote her podcast, instead of using a separate podcast account. She believes her personal account helps people relate to her as a person, making her more approachable. She has also noticed that listeners treat her with more respect than if she used a professional (i.e., impersonal) account. Mary Payne agrees that the “personal touch” makes people less aggressive and negative.

Season 4 Coming Soon

Tiffany plans to begin releasing episodes of Season 4 of Something Was Wrong in late January 2020. This season will interview a survivor of a well-known American cult. Stay tuned!

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Pulling Back the Curtain on 90 Day Fiancé

Anyone who has seen the hit TLC series 90 Day Fiancé knows that there is much more to the couples’ drama than the show lets on. That’s where the Fraudcast comes in. Podcast host Katrina takes listeners behind the scenes of 90 Day Fiancé to find out what is true and what is “fraud” in the couples’ relationships.fraudcast

Picking Up Where Recap Podcasts Leave Off

Katrina started pulling back the curtain on 90 Day Fiancé with an Instagram page that reveals the falsehoods behind some of the episodes. Kartrina’s Instagram popularity has grown rapidly, with over 60,000 followers today.

Building on the success of her Instagram page, Katrina recently started Fraudcast to provide more in-depth discussions about 90 Day Fiancé. Fraudcast distinguishes itself from other reality TV show podcasts because it does not simply recap shows–instead, it digs deep into the episodes to find the truth about the couples.

Katrina works as a lawyer in her day job and uses her legal investigative skills in her research for Fraudcast. She receives numerous scoops from cast members and other close sources, but she always makes sure to verify the information they provide. She will only post or discuss the scoops if she believes she could argue their veracity in a courtroom. 

For the Diehards and Reluctant Followers of 90-Day Fiancé

Katrina has a number of guest co-hosts on Fraudcast, but one regular guest co-host is her boyfriend (who is also the podcast’s producer). The audience enjoys the dynamic between Katrina, a 90 Day Fiancé diehard fan, and her boyfriend, who only loosely follows the show. Many listeners have told Katrina that the Fraudcast discussions mirror those of their own relationships.

Only 11 episodes in, and the podcast is finding its stride and will continue to bring you behind-the-scenes access to one of TV’s most intriguing shows!

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Ordinary People Doing Unthinkable Things

In The Minds of Madness, host Tyler and his wife, Bek, use immersive storytelling to tell true crime stories from the perspective of the victim’s families. They go beyond the typical details discussed in new reports and, instead, provide a more personal view of a true crime event. In this episode, Mary Payne speaks with Tyler about his passion for true crime cases and his work to bring them to life. the-minds-of-madness

From True Crime Fan To Podcast Host

Tyler has always loved true crime stories and audio productions. He grew up listening to old-time radio shows by legends like Orson Welles and Jack Benny. Several years ago, he began listening to popular true crime podcasts like Serial and quickly became an avid listener to a wide range of crime podcasts.

Tyler decided to start The Minds of Madness podcast about three years ago. He and Bek both have backgrounds in film and audio production, which made it a bit easier to produce the show. While they still have day jobs and a family to raise, Tyler and Bek are able to publish a new episode every other Sunday at 7PM EST.

Immersive Storytelling 

The Minds of Madness tells the stories of ordinary people doing unthinkable things. In each podcast episode, Tyler narrates a true crime case through the perspective of a victim and his or her loved ones. Tyler emphasizes the need to be delicate when telling true crime stories out of respect for the victim’s family and friends.

Tyler often works with families of victims to research and produce episodes. He observes that many families want their stories to be heard and seek to memorialize their loved ones through the podcast. 

Mary Payne is fascinated by the bizarre and unbelievable stories that Tyler tells. His first episode digs into the 1984 case of the abduction of Jody Plauche. Another remarkable episode discusses the murder of Kim Wall onboard the submarine of Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen. You can check out all of the episodes here

The True Crime Podcast Family

Tyler and Bek do not produce their podcast in isolation; they have a number of friends in the true crime podcast world. Tyler notes that members of this close-knit community routinely help each other out, trade ideas, and collaborate on episodes. He always looks forward to catching up with his true crime friends at the annual CrimeCon

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2019 Favorite Podcast Recommendations

Mary Payne sits down with her friend, Ingrid Sanden, to discuss their favorite podcast recommendations of 2019. Some of the most intriguing podcasts include true crime thrillers, first-person narrations, and investigations into overlooked and forgotten places (such as long-term care facilities and prisons). See the full listing of Mary Payne and Ingrid’s 2019 favorites below!2019-podcast-recommendations

Mary Payne’s Top Podcasts of 2019

Room 20: Joanne Faryon of the LA Times digs into the life story of an allegedly unconscious and unidentified man in a long-term care facility, only known to the staff as “66 Garage.”

Ear Hustle: This podcast gives an inside view of the life of San Quentin State Prison residents. It is co-produced by visual artist Nigel Poor and prison residents, Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams. All episodes are recorded in the prison and tell the untold stories of the incarcerated men of San Quentin.

The Shrink Next Door: Veteran New York Times journalist Joe Nocera tells the story of his neighbor, the famous therapist Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf. After a number of curious encounters, Nocera decides to begin investigating Ike’s background and makes some startling discoveries.

Armchair Expert: American actor Dax Shepard has a long history of addiction. In this podcast, he sits down with a number of celebrities about their own struggles. Dax’s self-deprecating and honest nature help drive fascinating conversations with some of Hollywood’s elites, including Kate Hudson and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Ingrid’s Top Podcasts of 2019

To Live and Die in LA: Neil Strauss hosts a true crime podcast about the murder of an aspiring actress named Adea Shabani. Strauss’ investigation into Shabani’s murder is happening in real-time, which makes for dramatic and stunning storyline twists. 

22 Hours – An American Nightmare: Megan Cloherty and Jack Moore of Washington, DC’s WTOP Radio tell the devastating story of the 2015 murder of a DC family and their housekeeper. The hosts were able to take a sensitive approach to this story, which hits close to home for many DC residents. 

The Thing About Pam: Keith Morrison of Dateline takes listeners through a series of events that lead to multiple deaths in Lincoln County, Missouri in 2011. 

The Dropout: Host Rebecca Jarvis tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes, former founder of Theranos, the infamous healthcare company. The podcast highlights the crazy worlds of healthcare, venture capital, and Silicon Valley.

Ingrid also listed a few of her favorite interviewees on Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Howard Stern. 

After another year of eye-opening podcasts, we are expecting more of the same for next year. Mary Payne and Ingrid look forward to presenting their favorite podcast recommendations of 2020 next December! 

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A Closer Look into Unsolved Crimes

Mary Payne speaks with Steven Pacheco to talk about his journey to become the host of the true crime podcast, Trace Evidence. trace-evidence-podcast

Crime and History

Steven grew up fascinated by history because it involves unknown elements and can be viewed from multiple lenses. Steven notes that we can never really know the complete story of a historical event because we are only given certain opinions and angles.

Steven’s love for history has animated his interest in unsolved crimes, which also contain different perspectives and puzzling pieces of evidence–with the complete story remaining elusive. His interest in both crime and history has fueled his efforts to explore unsolved crimes.

Digging into the Details

Trace Evidence takes listeners to the frontlines of unsolved criminal cases. The true crime show typically covers three types of cases: disappearances; murders; and abductions. Steven said that about 60-70 percent of his episodes focus on disappearances, which are the most popular with his audience. 

Trace Evidence episodes are divided into two parts. First, Steven outlines all of the available evidence of an unsolved case. Second, he discusses the top theories about the case. Mary Payne likes this structure, as the first part of the episode allows a listener to develop his or her own theory, and then the second part presents outside top theories for the listener to consider.

Mary Payne is impressed by the amount of research Steven puts into every episode. In fact, Steven generally writes 20-25 page scripts for each show, providing extensive details and exploring outside theories for the case. He also includes outside audio clips and employs different character voices to bring the cases to life.

The Learning Curves of Podcasting

Steven and Mary Payne agree that podcasting is a work-in-progress, filled with trials and errors. When Steven began recording Trace Evidence episodes about two years ago, he quickly discovered the time-consuming nature of researching, writing, and producing a podcast. He now works full-time on the true crime podcast and continues to find new, creative ways to improve his production. He also regularly updates his Trace Evidence website with links and additional information for each episode. 

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Facebook Page for Trace Evidence 

Twitter: @TraceEvPod

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