Going Cold in Texas

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Texan true crime story? Gone Cold is a podcast that highlights cold cases from the State of Texas.

Mary Payne is joined by one of the show’s hosts, Vince, who reveals that this podcast is unlike most true crime podcasts: they highlight the life of the lost and/or missing as much as possible, rather than the suspect or offender. Vince shares how they choose which stories to honor and how each host has specific responsibilities for producing the episodes.

A case in one of Gold Cold’s first episodes — the disappearance and death of Carla Walker — had a major development and Vince shares the details with Mary Payne, as well as how the local police department is dealing with it.

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Celeb Hunting in the Wild

Not Skinny But Not Fat is all about the goings-on Hollywood, Bravo TV, and celebrity gossip. Host Amanda Hirsch talks with Mary Payne about growing up in New York City, when Amanda enjoyed keeping track of celebrities in her journal. After moving back to the US from Israel, she started an Instagram account showcasing her passion for memes and celebrities. Its massive popularity became the inspiration behind her podcast. Despite her show’s focus on celebrities and reality TV, Amanda doesn’t receive much blowback for the things discussed on her podcast.

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Secret Lizard People Control The World

The Conspirators isn’t your normal history podcast. In fact, it puts a spin on the subject by focusing on strange, true tales from history. In this episode, Mary Payne visits with The Conspirators’ podcast host, Nate Hale, who enjoys telling the parts of history that your history teacher never told you. Each podcast episode focuses on sharing a dark story related to unexplained mysteries, conspiracies, tragic events, and strange places – and they’re all true.

Mary Payne and Nate discuss the two-part episode about Marilyn Monroe and the mystery that surrounded her death. He also shares the various sides of the story; was she a drug addict who poisoned herself, or a loving mother who was trying to escape?

Nate shares with Mary Payne how he celebrated his 100th episode, the amount of time he spends planning for each episode, and how he feels the need to include all the details and versions to each story.

This is a must-listen-to episode for anyone that enjoys a good conspiracy theory and a different look into history.

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It Happened With Crappens!

Mary Payne has one of her dream guests on this episode, Ben Mandelker! Ben is one of the hosts of Watch What Crappens, which is a recap podcast about Bravo TV shows and recently created a podcast about Game of Thrones. Winter is Crappening.

Ben shares with Mary Payne why Real Housewives of New York is his favorite show to discuss on the Watch What Crappens and he also shares with her which of the Bravo TV shows is not at the top of his list. The two also laugh at Ben and his co-host, Ronnie Karam’s, favorite voice impressions that they do on the show.

Many podcast listeners feel like they could be great friends with the host(s) of the show. Since Ben and Ronnie do live shows as a part of their podcast, he and Mary Payne discuss this relationship that podcast hosts have with their listeners and where the line needs to be drawn in that “one-way relationship”.

As his passion project, Ben started a Youtube channel called Real Housewares of Kitchen Island. It’s about the lives of some kitchen utensils in an animated format, and is a tribute to his passion for writing! Make sure to check it out.

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Gripping Unsolved Cases

Some cases do not receive much attention from the public or investigation by the police and are left to be unsolved. They’ve gone cold. These cases have become the topics for the true crime and investigative podcast, The Fall Line, which focuses on unsolved cold cases in the Southeast. Hosts and college friends, Laurah Norton and Brooke Hargrove join Mary Payne on this episode.

The three discuss Season 1’s case of the disappearance of The Millbrook Twins from Augusta, Georgia. They share gripping details about why it was dropped as a missing person’s case, the theories surrounding the case, and what the status of the case is today.

Season 2 of The Fall Line covers a teenage brother and sister – Michael and Monica – who were reported as runaways, but no one believed they were. A mix of familial issues, abusive behavior, and more children lead to a multi-layered complex story.

With Season 3, The Grady Babies, each episode is about a different case! They share the difficulties in covering a hard topic of babies being kidnapped, as well as how many of the kidnapped babies have been found.

This is an episode, and podcast, that you won’t want to miss.

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