Classic Narcissism or Sense of Purpose?

Mary Payne is joined by tech reporter Jennings Brown, host of The Gateway podcast. This show is all about spiritual guru Teal Swan, who draws followers in through her hypnotic self-help videos aimed at people who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. Some argue that she leads a cult, and even she admits she has the perfect recipe for one. Some say she just has influence thanks to modern social media, and Mary Payne and Jennings discuss her followers and her ability to maintain her hold on people through the internet. Mary Payne and Jennings explore whether Teal Swan and her “teaching” is responsible for the suicide of one or more of her followers. There is a trigger warning for this episode and The Gateway podcast overall, as it discusses suicide and the impacts it has on people.

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Teenagers Are Risk-Takers. Protect Them.

Mary Payne is in the studio with Marc Groman, one of the hosts of Their Own Devices, a podcast about kids and technology; and she is left scared sh*tless. Marc is an 18-year expert in privacy and technology and previously worked in the Obama White House on privacy protection. Mary Payne and Marc discuss the boldness of kids and issues that technology and social media have brought up in the lives of kids today. Mary Payne is astounded when she and Marc discuss sexting and different risks that kids are taking, even just to have their devices during the middle of the night. This episode—and Their Own Devices—is a must for any parent, or parental figure, as it gives an insight into the technological world of kids today.
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Moms & Murders & More Murders

Mary Payne is joined by Mandy and Melissa from Moms & Murders. Mandy and Melissa are two moms that formed a friendship at an Orlando, Florida area “Mommy Meet Up” group. As a result, the two moms decided to start a podcast given their love for true crime. Their podcast features a different murder case each episode, which first started with the Caylee Anthony murder (a local-to-Orlando case from 2008). Their banter and ability to lighten the mood around topics that can be hard to discuss makes their podcast different from other true crime podcasts.

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Unsolved Mysteries and Cold Trails

Robin Warder from The Trail Went Cold joins Mary Payne in this episode of Payne In The Pod.

Each episode of his true crime podcast examines a different unsolved murder case and presents his hypothesis of what happened based on his own research. Robin reveals how he started his podcast by expanding on cases from TV’s Unsolved Mysteries and discusses the new ways DNA and genetic genealogy are helping to solve decades-old cold cases.

Listen in to learn why Robin like lesser-known cases and get details on some of the more interesting cases in this murder-packed episode!

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Twitter: @robin_warder

Facebook: @thetrailwentcold

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Southern Fried True Crime

Erica Kelley from Southern Fried True Crime leaps into all things southern with Mary Payne in this episode. Southern Fried True Crime is a podcast that tells stories of the darkest crimes occurring in the small towns of southern states. Mary Payne and Erica agree that crimes that take place in the south are rich, layered, and have a different feel to them than those that take place elsewhere. Erica enhances each crime, and story, simply in the style that she tells them – in a slow and methodical way. The two discuss some of the criticisms, and even threats, Erica has received after certain episodes that have aired.

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