Heather McDonald Gets Juicy

In this exciting, jam-packed episode, Mary Payne is joined by stand-up comedian Heather McDonald, host of the podcast Juicy Scoop, where she shares all things juicy (with no politics involved). The two women cover a wide variety of topics. Heather reveals to Mary Payne that when she started her podcast it was the first time she didn’t mind listening to herself and confesses that it was her listeners that gave her permission to dump her dysfunctional sibling.
She shares how the reveal of the sexual harassment she experienced at the hands of a prominent individual hurt her career, and confides that it is outright difficult working with her husband at times. Heather’s likeability and personability are so evident during this interview it’s easy to see why her podcast has become such a hit!
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Rob Shuter Isn’t So Naughty

Mary Payne welcomes Rob Shuter of the gossip column Naughty But Nice,  who explains that he decided to start his podcast, Straight Shuter, just to see if he could do it. Mary Payne quizzes  Rob about his methods for gathering gossip and why he chooses to release some information blindly (without naming a celebrity). Throughout the interview, it’s clear that while Rob Shuter is a gossip king, he does his job with an eye toward his own moral compass and without breaking ground rules he has set for himself—no matter how juicy the gossip may be.
Rob’s Podcast Recommendations:
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You’re In A Cult With Your Dad!

Mary Payne welcomes Erin Martin back for another episode! Erin, the host of Pink Shade with Erin Martin and a frequent guest on The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM, has launched a new podcast, Cult Talk With Erin Martin. She tells Mary Payne all about the culture and hype that surrounds cults and gives a peek inside her childhood growing up inside the COBU cult, the inspiration for starting a podcast talking with people involved or associated with various cults. This is a fascinating episode for anyone curious about cults and we highly recommend Erin’s new podcast!

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Sexy Unique Vanderpumps

Mary Payne visits with New York Times Bestselling Author of White Girl Problems, Lara Marie Schoenhals, Lara has created two podcasts, Babe and Sexy Unique Podcast. In this episode, Mary Payne focuses on Sexy Unique Podcast, which revolves around Bravo TV’s Vanderpump Rules. She and Lara agree that it is the best reality show ever. They share a mutual dislike for Jax as they compare their feelings on different individuals on the show and the dynamics they bring to the cast. Lara and Mary Payne speculate as to where the different storylines may be headed in the current season of the show.
Find Lara on Twitter and Instagram: @Larzmarie
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Troy Turner Makes Reality Taste Great

Mary Payne is joined by Troy Turner, creator and host of Taste of Reality with Troy Turner as well as the Taste of Reality website. Troy’s podcast is a fun-filled romp that delves into reality TV and pop culture. He has fantastic interviews, including his most famous guest, his hilarious and blunt mother, Prissy. Troy tells Mary Payne how the podcast was formed out of the website and how he feels about interviewing people he has talked about on the podcast (spoiler: he has no regrets). Troy is just a delightful guest and Mary Payne loved hearing all about what podcasts he’s into.
Troy’s podcast recommendation:
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