A Date with Dateline and Catchphrases

Mary Payne is joined by Katie and Kimberly from A Date with Dateline, for her 50th episode!a-date-with-dateline

 A Date with Dateline is a podcast that recaps each week’s episode of Dateline.  They talk about the funny parts of each episode and the interesting people that are involved. Kimberly divulges about her favorite host, while Katie refuses to pick a favorite and it is all due to a previous episode of Dateline. Kimberly and Katie share with Mary Payne the hilarious nicknames they’ve created for the TV show hosts, and how the names perfectly suit each of them.

Dateline Stories

Mary Payne spills a story with Kimberly and Katie about a time when she was in the LAX airport and saw one of the popular Dateline hosts get on her plane and sit only a few rows ahead of her.

Kimberly and Katie share recent encounters they had with the Dateline hosts at Crime Con a few weeks ago, and the special surprise they received just weeks later from one of them.


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Theorizing Missing Richard Simmons with Doug Budin

Mary Payne is throwing everyone for a loop in this episode. Instead of talking to the host of a podcast, Mary Payne recommended a podcast to actor, writer, and Jeff Lewis Live co-host, Doug Budin. Mary Payne and Doug discuss the Missing Richard Simmons podcast hosted by filmmaker and investigative journalist Dan Taberski. missing-richard-simmons

Richard Simmons Goes Missing

One day fitness guru Richard Simmons completely disappeared from the public eye and has not been seen, and hardly heard from since. Podcast host Dan was a friend of Richard’s and since that day has not heard a single word from him. The Missing Richard Simmons podcast investigates theories behind the disappearance and interviews people close to, and involved in, Richard Simmons’s life. 

Theories on the Disappearance

Mary Payne and Doug contemplate some of the theories that Dan shares about what may have happened to Richard from the far-fetched to the realistic. Mary Payne and Doug theorize as to why it may have been so shocking for those close to him to be left in the cold and without an explanation of his whereabouts and doings.

They appreciate the picture that Dan paints in the podcast through his various interviews with Richard’s manager, brother, a detective that did a wellness check, and many more.

Be sure to check out the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, and we hope to see him in the flesh very soon! 

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Best Neighbors Take on New York City

Erin and Margo are best friends and hosts of the Best Neighbors podcast are Mary Payne’s guests for this episode. These two friends live in New York City and their podcast is all about the neighborhood Kiki(a social gathering, a chat) in NYC, reality tv and pop culture.

Bosses of Southern Charmbest-neighbors-podcast

Mary Payne and the two discuss Southern Charm, a popular show on Bravo. They talk about the southern gothic mentality that surrounds the show as well as how the women on the show are working it and becoming “bosses.”


Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York Takes the Cake

The three rave about The Real Housewives of New York and give arguments as to why it is by far the best show in the Housewives Franchise. Erin and Margo spill about which of the cast members they have seen in the wild in New York.

Best Neighbors and the Blackout on Broadway

A few weeks ago New York City had a blackout in the Hell’s Kitchen/Broadway area. Erin and Margo can’t keep it to themselves how great New York City is and how great it was that the broadway stars performed for the paying audiences out on the street.


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Celebrity Hunting in New York City

Ever had a celebrity run-in? If you haven’t, have you wondered what it is like and where to find celebrities in New York City? Well, then the Out in the Wild podcast is for you.  

Out in the Wild hosts Jess and David are Mary Payne’s guests for this episode. They share with Mary Payne how an idea for a book prompted them to start the podcast after just meeting with each other two times. They live in New York City and have had a number of celebrity and Bravolebrity friends and run-ins, so why not share their stories and secrets to having celebrity star encounters in The City?

Mary Payne, Jess, and David discuss The Polo Bar and Cafeteria for nightly celebrity sightings. 

Big Break by Kelly Bensimon


One of the biggest breaks with their podcast came from having Kelly Bensimon as a guest from Real Housewives of New York. Jess and David divulge the details of what happened after Kelly made a risque comment about Bethenny Frankel. Having Kelly Bensimon on the podcast and mentioning it on Watch What Happens Live and on Andy Cohen’s radio show generated a lot of traffic and press for Out in the Wild.

Tips for Taking Selfies

David gives Mary Payne very informative instructions on how to take a perfect selfie.

  1. It’s all about the high angle – hold camera up and tilt down
  2. Look at the dot, not the picture of yourself

Bravo’s Real Housewives’ Rundown

What is everyone’s favorite Real Housewives franchise and who are their favorite Housewives? The three discuss Real Housewives of Potomac, Real Housewives of Atlanta and a short overview of how the Bravolebrities get paid.


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Getting Crazy With Reality Cray Cray

Mary Payne visits with Kim and Kyle, hosts of the podcasts Reality Cray Cray and 90 Day Fiance Cray Cray.

Reality Cray Cray covers all of the 90 Day Fiance episodes as well as Love/Life After Lock-Up. The banter that takes place between hosts, friends Kim and Kyle, makes for a highly entertaining the podcast, especially since Kyle is a straight man who has a love/hate relationship with reality TV.

Kim and Kyle share some of their run-ins with cast members, some of which have been cordial while others have been confrontational and not-so-pleasant.

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