Tally Abecassis of First Day Back

Tally Abecassis, the host of First Day Back, joins Mary Payne this week to discuss her documentary podcast that tells the stories of people as they get their lives back following tragic and life-changing events. Season One featured Tally’s personal journey from stay-at-home mom to her return to the world of documentary filmmaking.

Seasons Two and Three follows the stories of two others from differing backgrounds dealing with their own returns to a life they’d known. The podcast documents the palpable nature of a human being wanting to succeed on their own terms. Mary Payne and Tally discuss the story plots of each season and what Season Four may hold.

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Find Tally at: @TallyAbecassis

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Broken-hearted Harts

Mary Payne travels to New York to visit with Justine Harman and Liz Egan, editors at Glamour Magazine and the hosts of the podcast Broken Harts. This true crime podcast investigates married couple Jennifer and Sarah Hart and their six adopted children. Jennifer Hart drove the family off a California cliff to their deaths in March 2018.

The two hosts share explain that it is not their intent to solve the murders, but rather tell a side of the story that may not otherwise be felt or heard. In the podcast, they examine the social media “life” that Jennifer lived versus the way her life actually was. It is evident that the podcast is aimed at not only telling the story of the children’s deaths, but also give a glimpse into the faults of the adoption system today, particularly in Texas. The two women reveal the difficulties and feelings that come along with doing a true crime podcast.

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Find at:www.glamour.com/brokenharts
Twitter:  @justineharman @lizegan
Instagram: @100postcards

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Something Was Wrong

In this episode, Mary Payne interviews Tiffany Reese, host of the true crime podcast, Something Was Wrong. Tiffany started her podcast after her friend told her about a girl named Sara and how her relationship ended right before the wedding. The amount of crazy that revolved around the story was just too much to pass up; a podcast needed to be made about it. Tiffany dives into the unbelievable story with Mary Payne and talks about “Dick”, the sociopath that Sara was involved with. Tiffany explains why she has chosen to keep “Dick’s” true identity a secret and how storytelling is as much about giving away information as it is holding it back. Aside from the true crime aspect of her podcast, Tiffany shares with Mary Payne that she wants women to be informed of dangers that may be out there and to trust your gut.

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Facebook: Something Was Wrong

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The Great Pretenders

Ever wonder about people that pretend to be something they aren’t? Well, Javier Leiva has built his entire podcast, Pretend Radio, around that concept, and he joins Mary Payne to break down a few of the episodes. Javier is intrigued by the idea that you never know what a person walking down the street is thinking.

The podcast features people close to Javier who are “pretenders,” in addition to several episodes about stories like this from across the United States. They touch on the story of shooter Vester Flanagan, the Santeria religion, a transgender love story, and the Word of Faith Fellowship Church, which is the topic of Season Three. Javier discloses to Mary Payne that being a podcaster gives him access to people and facts of stories that are not easily accessible to typical media outlets, making the stories even juicier.

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Find Pretend Radio:
Twitter: @pretend_radio

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Being Better with Personal Best

Andrew Norton from Personal Best joins Mary Payne in this episode. Andrew divulges how his co-host Rob Norman and him help people get over funny issues or accomplish things that they need help with. Since neither Rob nor Andrew are trained psychologists, they help individuals in unconventional ways. In season one of the podcast they helped a woman birth a cow, a chronic late rise and a messy eater, just to name a name a few. Season two has a tentative release of mid May.

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