Deep Dives into True Crime Cases

Jami Rice has always been fascinated with true crime. After a surreal experience as a juror in a murder trial, Jami decided to begin telling the stories of true crime victims. The Murderish podcast takes delves into true stories of murder, disappearances, and other creepy events.murderish

Turning a Courtroom Drama into a Podcast

Three years ago, Jami served as a juror in the trial of Rob Arvizu, who was charged with murder of his wife, Courtney Arivzu. Over the two-week trial, Jami and her fellow jurors learned about Rob’s abusive history and his frequent bouts of anger. Late one night, Rob brutally murdered Courtney as she tried to escape their Los Angeles apartment. Jami and her fellow jurors convicted Rob of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to 28 years-to-life in prison.

After the trial ended, Jami wanted to tell Courtney’s story. So she decided to start a podcast, with the first episode focused on the Arvizu trial. Soon after, she recorded another episode on her own real-life horror story, followed by a number of local true crime cases. 

Building the Murderish Brand 

Two and a half years later, Jami’s continues to delve into true crime stories. She receives many episode ideas from her devoted fanbase, while also keeping her eyes peeled for cases in her southern California area. Today, Jami, her small team of researchers, and her producer have recorded over 40 hours-worth of true crime thrillers.

Jami’s stories in Murderish focus on the victim. All too often, true crime stories neglect the victim’s personality and life-story. She doesn’t want them to become mere demographics. She wants to memorialize them. 

Listening to this Podcast Doesn’t Make You a Murderer, It Just Means You’re Murder-ish.

Jami’s has a devoted audience. See has connected with many fans throughout the past few years who share her fascination with true crime. The Murderish podcast has an active Facebook discussion group and Jami is frequently interacting with fans about past cases and ideas for future episodes. 

If you’re a bit murder-ish too, start listening today!

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Embarking On A Journey

When she’s diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Molly decides to do something bold: she leaves her unhappy marriage and embarks on a series of sexual adventures to help her feel alive. These experiences are beyond anything she could have imagined, so she shares the details with her closest friend, host Nikki Boyer. The two best friends dissect these hilarious, often touching stories. And they growing even closer as they share Molly’s journey together. From the makers of The Shrink Next Door and Imagined Life, Dying for Sex is a six-part series about friendship, death, sex, and what you do with the time you have left. Hosted by Nikki Boyer. Premieres on February 12th. Listen now at :

From Life-Changing News to a Life-Changing Decision

Nikki Boyer is an actress, singer-songwriter, and a co-host of Straight Talk with Ross. She met Molly over twenty years ago in acting class and they have remained close friends ever since. Molly is one of the most creative and insightful women Nikki has ever met. 

Molly battled breast cancer several years ago, only to have it return in several different parts of her body in the past year. Her doctors informed her the cancer was terminal. She does not know how much time she has left.

Molly’s gut-wrenching story is all too common. However, her response to the news was unique. While some dedicate their remaining days to family and friends and others knock out “Bucket List” goals, Molly instead left her struggling marriage and entered the brave new world of dating–a world she never really experienced before. 

Exploring Life Through Sex

Molly moved out of her husband’s home and into a new place just a few minutes from Nikki. The two began having conversations about Molly’s wild, wacky, and jaw-dropping dating life (including plenty of Tinder encounters). Nikki broached the idea of turning these conversations into a podcast. Molly agreed.

Over a six-episode podcast, Nikki and Molly recap Molly’s sexcapade. At first, the Dying For Sex podcast focuses on how Molly balances dating with her medicine, treatment plan, and doctor visits. Nikki is fascinated by Molly’s adventurism and willingness to put herself out there while in such a vulnerable state. 

As the podcast progresses, Nikki’s questions reveal deeper and more intimate revelations about Molly. They begin to talk about more than just sex, as the conversations get more introspective. Molly teaches Nikki and the audience about love and friendship. Molly’s stories about her sex life gives Nikki new persectives on life and death, and an even deeper appreciation for Molly’s creative spirit. 

Don’t miss this compelling conversation between Nikki and Molly–start listening today! 

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An Aussie’s Take on Reality TV

Kirsten (Kirsty) Moore has found an outlet for her addiction to reality TV. A few years ago, she began a podcast called Reality TV & Me, which gives listeners an Australian’s perspective on some favorite American reality shows, with a focus on Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. reality-tv-shows

A Ten-Year Fascination with Reality TV

Ten years ago, Kirsty was diagnosed with spinal cancer at the age of 21. Throughout surgery, recovery, and rehab, Kirsty couldn’t do the typical 21-year-old activities with her friends. Reality shows helped fill the void during this difficult stage of her life. Her first “reality show love” was Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, quickly followed by the Real Housewives franchise and a whole host of reality shows that have come on air over the past several years. 

Although halfway across the world, Kirsty and her fellow Australians find ways to watch their favorite American reality shows (including the Hayu platform). Their initial attraction to these shows stems from the shows’ wild and unbelievable characters. Kirsty prefers American reality shows, which she believes to have a bit more class.

Kirsty decided to turn her obsession into a podcast. A few years ago, Kirsty began to produce Reality TV & Me in London while she was writing a book. She found that the podcast was a much-needed outlet from the draining process of writing. Since then, she continues to evolve and improve her podcast craft.

American Versus Australian Reality TV

Australia has also begun to air its own reality shows. Kristy is a huge fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Melbourne, which follows a group of ladies that Kirsty calls “bogans”—the Australian version of American “rednecks.” She thinks that these wacky, hysterical ladies are most similar to the Real Housewives of Dallas. She’s particularly intrigued by their “unique” fashion statements. 

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Kirsty’s Podcast Recommendations

Kirsty has a range of favorite podcasts, including:

The Doctor Drew Podcast, which covers mental health issues.

Insane Rambling, her brother’s podcast that airs every fortnight (i.e., once every two weeks).

My Dad Wrote a Porno, an absurdly funny exposé on the writings of an older British gentleman.

Pink Shade with Erin Martin, with Mary Payne as a frequent co-host. 

Office Ladies, recapping every episode of the hit American TV show, The Office.

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A Nashville Cold Case. Officially.

The 1969 murder of a 12-year old girl in Nashville, Tennessee has remained “officially” unsolved for over 50 years. But Flatrock host Olivia Lind gives listeners an in-depth look into the case that points to the guilt of one man.flatrock 

True Crime Cases in Tennessee

Olivia co-hosts a podcast called Something’s Not Right, a weekly series that primarily focuses on true crime cases in Tennessee. A past episode of Something’s Not Right focused on the “unsolved” murder of 12-year old Kathy Jones in a suburb of Nashville traditionally called Flatrock. Olivia became enthralled in the case and wanted to do a deep-dive investigation. So she began a separate podcast on this story called Flatrock.

Olivia assembled an all-star team to create her eight-episode series. She works with an NPR executive producer who led a production group that developed the script and executed the audio production. In addition, Steven Pacheco of Trace Evidence (and a past guest of Payne in the Pod) helped Olivia with creating the warnings/credits for the episodes. 

A 1969 Murder in Flatrock

12-year old Kathy Jones was murdered around Thanksgiving of 1969 in Flatrock. She was on her way to go roller skating, and her body was found in a vacant field a few days later. 

Olivia investigates the circumstances and suspects surrounding Kathy’s murder. The most likely suspect is Darrel, then-boyfriend of Kathy’s mother Nora. (Darrel later married Nora, and they remained married until Nora’s death.)

Flatrock provides the details of the murder, along with interviews of surviving witnesses from the case. Olivia’s investigation points to Darrel as the most likely suspect.

Mary Payne and Nora grapple with the reality that someone alive today likely knows the truth of the murder—but refuses to come forward. They point to Darrel’s (literal) partner in crime named Tim (or “The Dude”) as someone who could probably come clean with the full story. They hope that someone will eventually clear his or her conscience by spilling the secrets of Kathy’s murder.

A Violent End for the Suspected Killer

Darrel was never a straight-edge citizen. He and Tim committed petty thefts in the past. Darrel later got into drug dealing. In fact, Darrel was murdered in 2011 during a drug deal gone wrong. The illegal and troubled circumstances of Darrel’s death reinforce suspicions that he was the most likely suspect in the “unsolved” case of Kathy Jones.

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Following Up with Tiffany Reese of Something Was Wrong

Mary Payne welcomes back Tiffany Reese of the award winning podcast Something Was Wrong. Tiffany joined Mary Payne in Episode 27 of Payne in the Pod, where they talked about the Season 1 story of Sara’s engagement to a liar. In this episode, Mary Payne and Tiffany discuss the traumatic stories in Seasons 2 and 3 of Something Was Wrong.something-was-wrong

Stories of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Tiffany has produced three seasons of Something Was Wrong. Each story provides a gripping, immersive narrative into the experience of dealing with a narcissist, told from the viewpoint of the victim. 

Season One follows the story of Sara, who was duped into an engagement (and eventual breakup) with a narcissist and serial liar. The podcast became widely popular and won a “Podcast of the Year” Iris award in 2019. 

Tiffany’s two subsequent seasons take listeners into the lives of others who have been duped and emotionally abused. Season 2 follows Tee, a woman who befriended a deceptive and emotionally draining coworker. Season 3 brings the audience into the traumatic story of CJ, who deals with a narcissist seeking to ruin the lives of her in-laws.

Tiffany has kept in close contact with Sara, Tee, and CJ even after each season concluded. She has a strong emotional bond with these women who shared their traumatic experiences with her. 

Humanizing Interactions with Listeners

Tiffany has chosen to use her personal Instagram account to promote her podcast, instead of using a separate podcast account. She believes her personal account helps people relate to her as a person, making her more approachable. She has also noticed that listeners treat her with more respect than if she used a professional (i.e., impersonal) account. Mary Payne agrees that the “personal touch” makes people less aggressive and negative.

Season 4 Coming Soon

Tiffany plans to begin releasing episodes of Season 4 of Something Was Wrong in late January 2020. This season will interview a survivor of a well-known American cult. Stay tuned!

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