The “Mansion Murders” on 22 Hours

Mary Payne along with 22 Hours podcast hosts, Megan and Jack, discuss a horrific crime that took place when the Savopolous family was murdered.

In 2015, DC power couple, Savvas and Amy Savopolous were murdered in their home along with their son and housekeeper. In 2018, a previous employee of Savvas’ company, Daron Wint, was found convicted of the murders. 

Megan Cloherty and Jack Moore, two reporters for 103.5 WTOP-FM, followed the murder case from start to finish through the22-hours-podcast digital reporting space. With all the knowledge they had of the trial, they compiled all of the information they had into the podcast 22 Hours: An American Nightmare. 

The Daron Wint Murder Trial

Mary Payne questions Megan about sitting through the trial. What parts of the trial were hard for her to hear as long as was any of it downright boring given the pure nature of how trials can be? One main thing about the trial sticks out to all three, however, and that is the fact that many questions will be left unanswered until Daron breaks his silence and speaks about what happened.

The Future of Podcasts for News

Mary Payne and her two guests go on the discuss the essentially 24-hour news cycle world that we now live in. They converse about how this new cycle plays a part in the podcast world. 

22 Hours Podcast: What’s to Come

Megan and Jack give Mary Payne’s listeners an idea of what episodes of 22 Hours are to come, including an episode where they are prompting listeners to ask questions about the podcast/case that they may still have.


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