OJ Simpson Story Being Confronted

More than twenty years since the death of her brother, Confronting: OJ Simpson podcast host, Kim Goldman sits down with Mary Payne to chat about her experience.confronting-oj-podcast

If you were alive in 1995, it is likely that you, at some point, caught a glimpse or heard bits and pieces about OJ Simpson’s murder trial. OJ Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Twenty-four years later, Ron’s sister, Kim Goldman, has finally decided to talk about the trial and her experience during it in her podcast Confronting: OJ Simpson. 


For this episode, Mary Payne and Kim discuss all the various players in the trial that she talked to and who declined to be a part of her podcast. Notably, Kim sits down with two of the jurors that ultimately found OJ Simpson not guilty. She shares with Mary Payne that she was apprehensive about going into the meeting with them. This leads Mary Payne and Kim to talk about the sequester of the jurors that took place, as well as some of the outings they had. They question how ethical some of the events that took place were.


Kim shares with Mary Payne the one main player from the trial that declined her an interview for her podcast and they discuss his role in the trial and his motives. 


Mary Payne and Kim also talk about the defense’s Private Investigator, Pat McKenna, who believes wholeheartedly that OJ Simpson is not guilty. 


While OJ was the topic for the first season of Confronting, Kim is hoping to cover more stories that have had a great social impact on society. Mary Payne and her ponder possible topics for future seasons of the podcast. 


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