The Mysterious Suicide in Mississippi

The suicide of Christian Andreacchio has been left a mystery for many years. The host and producer of Culpable join Mary Payne to discuss in depth.

On February 26, 2014, young Christian Andreacchio was found dead of an apparent suicide in Meridian, Mississippi.culpable-podcast However, there is mystery and speculation on whether his death was actually a suicide or whether he was murdered. Culpable, a true crime podcast, tells the mysterious story of Christian’s death and shares the complexities with the investigation of his death. Host Dennis Cooper and Producer, Mark Minnery, join Mary Payne to take a deep dive into the podcast. 

Questioning the Death

Dennis and Mark explain in detail how they got involved in the case in 2018. The two share what went into their investigation of Christian’s death including the help his mother, Rae, gave them through documentation and timelines she had put together. The three discuss various aspects of the case, questioning how the Meridian Police Department could believe Christian’s friends and assume it was an open-and-shut case. They touch on Christian’s girlfriend, Whitley Goodman, and the role she may or may not have played in his death as well as the supposed “Gun Night” that took place earlier that evening.

The Culpable team discusses their relationship with Sheila Wysocki, the Private Investigator hired by the Andreacchio family and host of the podcast Without Warning, and her role of recreating a 3D model of the bathroom where Christian was found dead utilizing forensics technology.

A Reward for Information

There are so many questions surrounding the death of Christian. There is currently a reward being offered up to $100,000 to anyone that can bring an arrest and conviction to this case. This reward is sponsored by the Culpable team at Black Mountain Media, as well as their partner Tenderfoot.

Will there be a Season Two of Culpable with another case and story? Dennis shares the answer at the end of the episode.

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