Some cases do not receive much attention from the public or investigation by the police and are left to be unsolved. They’ve gone cold. These cases have become the topics for the true crime and investigative podcast, The Fall Line, which focuses on unsolved cold cases in the Southeast. Hosts and college friends, Laurah Norton and Brooke Hargrove join Mary Payne on this episode.

The three discuss Season 1’s case of the disappearance of The Millbrook Twins from Augusta, Georgia. They share gripping details about why it was dropped as a missing person’s case, the theories surrounding the case, and what the status of the case is today.

Season 2 of The Fall Line covers a teenage brother and sister – Michael and Monica – who were reported as runaways, but no one believed they were. A mix of familial issues, abusive behavior, and more children lead to a multi-layered complex story.

With Season 3, The Grady Babies, each episode is about a different case! They share the difficulties in covering a hard topic of babies being kidnapped, as well as how many of the kidnapped babies have been found.

This is an episode, and podcast, that you won’t want to miss.

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