Sleepless Nights Thanks To True Crime

Scott Benjamin, host of true crime podcast, Insomniac, shares with Mary Payne the stories behind his sleepless nights.

With so many true crime podcasts to listen to, have you ever wondered how the hosts mentally handle the dark, twisted, and sometimes gruesome stories themselves? insomniac-podcast

For Insomniac host, Scott Benjamin, it has not been an easy experience. Mary Payne is joined by Scott and his producer Matt Frederick, on this episode of Payne in the Pod. Scott has always had an interest in all things true crime, which led him to research many different stories, killers, and unsolved crimes. But which also led to many sleepless nights.

Unhealthy Sleep Habits

Scott, Matt, and Mary Payne talk about the problems with immersing oneself into case after case, and how it’s affected Scott’s health. They confess that it is hard not to get consumed by the stories that they cover, and for Scott, the stories resulted in very vivid and disturbing nightmares.


Insomniac is not only a true crime podcast but also a podcast where Scott’s struggles are interwoven, which makes for an interesting twist to the average true crime podcast. His use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, psychologist and psychiatrist visits, sleep home studies and even his sleep apnea are all part of the personal stories that he shares.


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