Mary Payne has one of her dream guests on this episode, Ben Mandelker! Ben is one of the hosts of Watch What Crappens, which is a recap podcast about Bravo TV shows and recently created a podcast about Game of Thrones. Winter is Crappening.

Ben shares with Mary Payne why Real Housewives of New York is his favorite show to discuss on the Watch What Crappensand he also shares with her which of the Bravo TV shows is not at the top of his list. The two also laugh at Ben and his co-host, Ronnie Karam’s, favorite voice impressions that they do on the show.

Many podcast listeners feel like they could be great friends with the host(s) of the show. Since Ben and Ronnie do live shows as a part of their podcast, he and Mary Payne discuss this relationship that podcast hosts have with their listeners and where the line needs to be drawn in that “one-way relationship”.

As his passion project, Ben started a Youtube channel called Real Housewares of Kitchen Island. It’s about the lives of some kitchen utensils in an animated format, and is a tribute to his passion for writing! Make sure to check it out.

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