Theorizing Missing Richard Simmons with Doug Budin

Mary Payne is throwing everyone for a loop in this episode. Instead of talking to the host of a podcast, Mary Payne recommended a podcast to actor, writer, and Jeff Lewis Live co-host, Doug Budin. Mary Payne and Doug discuss the Missing Richard Simmons podcast hosted by filmmaker and investigative journalist Dan Taberski. missing-richard-simmons

Richard Simmons Goes Missing

One day fitness guru Richard Simmons completely disappeared from the public eye and has not been seen, and hardly heard from since. Podcast host Dan was a friend of Richard’s and since that day has not heard a single word from him. The Missing Richard Simmons podcast investigates theories behind the disappearance and interviews people close to, and involved in, Richard Simmons’s life. 

Theories on the Disappearance

Mary Payne and Doug contemplate some of the theories that Dan shares about what may have happened to Richard from the far-fetched to the realistic. Mary Payne and Doug theorize as to why it may have been so shocking for those close to him to be left in the cold and without an explanation of his whereabouts and doings.

They appreciate the picture that Dan paints in the podcast through his various interviews with Richard’s manager, brother, a detective that did a wellness check, and many more.

Be sure to check out the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, and we hope to see him in the flesh very soon! 

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