Connecting With Strangers

An unidentified man who went by the name Sixty-Six Garage had been kept alive via life support in a nursing home for 15 years when Joanne Faryon learned about him. Her podcast, Room 20, covers her time with him.



After her mother’s death, LA Times’ investigative journalist and reporter, Joanne, began reporting about end-of-life topics. During that time, she was researching the number of people that were kept alive in a vegetative state which is what brought her to the nursing home that Sixty-Six Garage resided in. Joanne shares with Mary Payne how she came to know Sixty-Six Garage, the mission she began to figure out exactly who he was and to connect with his family, and how she started Room 20.

Visiting Those in Nursing Homes

Later in their discussion, Mary Payne and Joanne go into the story of one of Sixty-Six Garage’s roommates in Room 20 named Omar. Omar had been in an accident where he was run over by multiple vehicles and was in bad shape. Joanne happened to be visiting Sixty-Six Garage one day when Omar moved and began his recovery. Was it Joanne just happening to be in the right place at the right time? This story of Omar prompts the ladies to talk about individuals who are being kept alive who have few or no visitors at all. They ask the hard question if we are keeping people alive should we have people to sit and visit with them?

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