Policing Around America

Mary Payne welcomes actor Doug Budin back for another Payne in the Pod episode as they review and discuss Dan Taberski’s newest podcast Running From Cops. running-from-cops-podcast

Running from Cops is about the longest-running reality TV show in America, COPS. Dan investigates the show and the impact it has had on police culture across American towns and cities. 

Mary Payne and Doug ponder who really has the final say when it comes to what happens to some individuals on the show. Who holds the most power the actual police or the producers? They give evidence from the Running From Cops podcast to back up their assertions. 

They then touch on the not-so-great side of the COPS show; everything from people signing releases, people being filmed on possibly their worst day, and civil rights arguments that have taken place over African American chases. 

Would Doug and Mary Payne recommend Running From Cops as one that needs to be listened too or not? Listen to find out!

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