The Conspirators isn’t your normal history podcast. In fact, it puts a spin on the subject by focusing on strange, true tales from history. In this episode, Mary Payne visits with The Conspirators’ podcast host, Nate Hale, who enjoys telling the parts of history that your history teacher never told you. Each podcast episode focuses on sharing a dark story related to unexplained mysteries, conspiracies, tragic events, and strange places – and they’re all true.

Mary Payne and Nate discuss the two-part episode about Marilyn Monroe and the mystery that surrounded her death. He also shares the various sides of the story; was she a drug addict who poisoned herself, or a loving mother who was trying to escape?

Nate shares with Mary Payne how he celebrated his 100th episode, the amount of time he spends planning for each episode, and how he feels the need to include all the details and versions to each story.

This is a must-listen-to episode for anyone that enjoys a good conspiracy theory and a different look into history.

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