In this riveting episode, Mary Payne dives into Lauren Agee’s mysterious death with Sheila Wysocki, host of the podcast Without Warning: The Lauren Agee CaseSheila Wysocki is a private investigator who was hired by Lauren’s mother to investigate her “accidental” death. After the case failed to make progress in the court system, Sheila decided to take all of the information surrounding Lauren’s story and turn in into a podcast in hopes that the truth will be revealed.

Sheila breaks down Lauren’s disappearance and death as well as the potential individuals involved. Mary Payne’s mind is blown when Sheila drops some bombshells that have not yet been shared on her podcast. Sheila also shares that she is part of another investigative podcast calledBroke Busted and Disgusted, with eight private investigators who discuss different cases.

Sheila’s Podcast Recommendations:
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