Following Up with Tiffany Reese of Something Was Wrong

Mary Payne welcomes back Tiffany Reese of the award winning podcast Something Was Wrong. Tiffany joined Mary Payne in Episode 27 of Payne in the Pod, where they talked about the Season 1 story of Sara’s engagement to a liar. In this episode, Mary Payne and Tiffany discuss the traumatic stories in Seasons 2 and 3 of Something Was Wrong.something-was-wrong

Stories of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Tiffany has produced three seasons of Something Was Wrong. Each story provides a gripping, immersive narrative into the experience of dealing with a narcissist, told from the viewpoint of the victim. 

Season One follows the story of Sara, who was duped into an engagement (and eventual breakup) with a narcissist and serial liar. The podcast became widely popular and won a “Podcast of the Year” Iris award in 2019. 

Tiffany’s two subsequent seasons take listeners into the lives of others who have been duped and emotionally abused. Season 2 follows Tee, a woman who befriended a deceptive and emotionally draining coworker. Season 3 brings the audience into the traumatic story of CJ, who deals with a narcissist seeking to ruin the lives of her in-laws.

Tiffany has kept in close contact with Sara, Tee, and CJ even after each season concluded. She has a strong emotional bond with these women who shared their traumatic experiences with her. 

Humanizing Interactions with Listeners

Tiffany has chosen to use her personal Instagram account to promote her podcast, instead of using a separate podcast account. She believes her personal account helps people relate to her as a person, making her more approachable. She has also noticed that listeners treat her with more respect than if she used a professional (i.e., impersonal) account. Mary Payne agrees that the “personal touch” makes people less aggressive and negative.

Season 4 Coming Soon

Tiffany plans to begin releasing episodes of Season 4 of Something Was Wrong in late January 2020. This season will interview a survivor of a well-known American cult. Stay tuned!

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