A Mother’s Approval & Addiction

Mary Payne is in New York City with actor, singer, and producer John Hill for this episode to discuss the true crime podcast, The Ballad of Billy Balls.the-ballad-of-billy-balls

The Ballad of Billy Balls is a podcast that tells the story of musician Billy Balls’ death. The podcast is hosted by iO Tillett Wright – the transgender child of Billy’s girlfriend, Rebecca Wright. Mary Payne and John go into a detailed conversation around Rebecca and iO. They discuss addiction, eating disorders, Rebecca’s personality, their living situations, and more. 

John and Mary Payne work through the heavy question, did the cops target Billy or was he simply just shot by a cop? They have their own theories on what may have happened. Tune in to listen.

Achieving Closure

The Ballad of Billy Balls story concludes with Billy’s body being found in a potter’s field in New York, only identified by a number. Mary Payne and John ponder whether Rebecca was able to achieve closure by finding out what really happened with Billy. They discuss the idea of closure and what is it really?

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