These Things Happened, Then They Moved

The Clearing is a podcast that covers the story of a woman who put the pieces together and figured out her father was a the-clearing-podcastserial killer.

Forty-year-old April Balascio uncovered several stories, put the pieces together of her childhood and realized her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, was a serial killer. In 2009, she turned him in to the cops and didn’t talk to anyone about the story until 2016.

The Clearing podcast host, Josh Dean who is also a journalist and author, joins Mary Payne and explains the journey that April went through from having the suspicion that her father might be a serial killer to unraveling the puzzle pieces that ultimately led her to turn her own father in.

Josh reveals that this story was easy to tell and capture in podcast form due to the mere fact that Edward had recorded everything that he did. Josh speculates that this was due to Edward’s narcissism and the grandiose view he had of himself. 

They discuss the various murders and the coincidences that April discovered prior to turning Edward into the police. After much investigation, Edward eventually confessed to two double murders and the murder of a man nicknamed “Danny Boy.” 

Mary Payne and Josh talk about the punishment that Edward wanted for his crimes and the lengths he went to in order to achieve it. Was he wanting to continue to manipulate the system the way he had his whole life or was it him accepting his punishment? Josh makes a convincing argument for the outcome being exactly what Edward wanted. Be sure to go and listen to The Clearing!

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