Ordinary People Doing Unthinkable Things

In The Minds of Madness, host Tyler and his wife, Bek, use immersive storytelling to tell true crime stories from the perspective of the victim’s families. They go beyond the typical details discussed in new reports and, instead, provide a more personal view of a true crime event. In this episode, Mary Payne speaks with Tyler about his passion for true crime cases and his work to bring them to life. the-minds-of-madness

From True Crime Fan To Podcast Host

Tyler has always loved true crime stories and audio productions. He grew up listening to old-time radio shows by legends like Orson Welles and Jack Benny. Several years ago, he began listening to popular true crime podcasts like Serial and quickly became an avid listener to a wide range of crime podcasts.

Tyler decided to start The Minds of Madness podcast about three years ago. He and Bek both have backgrounds in film and audio production, which made it a bit easier to produce the show. While they still have day jobs and a family to raise, Tyler and Bek are able to publish a new episode every other Sunday at 7PM EST.

Immersive Storytelling 

The Minds of Madness tells the stories of ordinary people doing unthinkable things. In each podcast episode, Tyler narrates a true crime case through the perspective of a victim and his or her loved ones. Tyler emphasizes the need to be delicate when telling true crime stories out of respect for the victim’s family and friends.

Tyler often works with families of victims to research and produce episodes. He observes that many families want their stories to be heard and seek to memorialize their loved ones through the podcast. 

Mary Payne is fascinated by the bizarre and unbelievable stories that Tyler tells. His first episode digs into the 1984 case of the abduction of Jody Plauche. Another remarkable episode discusses the murder of Kim Wall onboard the submarine of Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen. You can check out all of the episodes here

The True Crime Podcast Family

Tyler and Bek do not produce their podcast in isolation; they have a number of friends in the true crime podcast world. Tyler notes that members of this close-knit community routinely help each other out, trade ideas, and collaborate on episodes. He always looks forward to catching up with his true crime friends at the annual CrimeCon

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