A Closer Look into Unsolved Crimes

Mary Payne speaks with Steven Pacheco to talk about his journey to become the host of the true crime podcast, Trace Evidence. trace-evidence-podcast

Crime and History

Steven grew up fascinated by history because it involves unknown elements and can be viewed from multiple lenses. Steven notes that we can never really know the complete story of a historical event because we are only given certain opinions and angles.

Steven’s love for history has animated his interest in unsolved crimes, which also contain different perspectives and puzzling pieces of evidence–with the complete story remaining elusive. His interest in both crime and history has fueled his efforts to explore unsolved crimes.

Digging into the Details

Trace Evidence takes listeners to the frontlines of unsolved criminal cases. The true crime show typically covers three types of cases: disappearances; murders; and abductions. Steven said that about 60-70 percent of his episodes focus on disappearances, which are the most popular with his audience. 

Trace Evidence episodes are divided into two parts. First, Steven outlines all of the available evidence of an unsolved case. Second, he discusses the top theories about the case. Mary Payne likes this structure, as the first part of the episode allows a listener to develop his or her own theory, and then the second part presents outside top theories for the listener to consider.

Mary Payne is impressed by the amount of research Steven puts into every episode. In fact, Steven generally writes 20-25 page scripts for each show, providing extensive details and exploring outside theories for the case. He also includes outside audio clips and employs different character voices to bring the cases to life.

The Learning Curves of Podcasting

Steven and Mary Payne agree that podcasting is a work-in-progress, filled with trials and errors. When Steven began recording Trace Evidence episodes about two years ago, he quickly discovered the time-consuming nature of researching, writing, and producing a podcast. He now works full-time on the true crime podcast and continues to find new, creative ways to improve his production. He also regularly updates his Trace Evidence website with links and additional information for each episode. 

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