Unsolved Crimes & Stories With No Ending

Hosted by Michael Whelan, Unresolved is a podcast that focuses on many unsolved murder cases and stories that have no ending.

Many crimes take place and are never solved, or lack an ending. Unresolved is a podcast that focuses on many of these unsolved cases. Mary Payne is joined by Unresolved host Michael Whelan in this episode.

unresolved-podcastMicheal has been interested in unsolved mysteries his entire life and decided to begin sharing them in a podcast format four years ago after following the Golden State Killer story. While his research leads to some interesting findings, he likes to put most of the focus of his podcast on cases that many people most likely haven’t heard of. 

Episodes of the Unfound

While the Golden State Killer and Zodiac Killer stories are so easy to discuss, Mary Payne asks Michael about a few of his top episodes. They discuss a few of Michael’s Unresolved episodes and if any of them have been resolved:

  • Larry Chism, a convict who has escaped multiple times and has been on the run for 40 years
  • Robert Levinson, a freelance DEA/CIA non-typical Secret Agent who disappeared near Iran, and the scandal around his relationship with the government. 
  • Chip Cambell, a man who went missing from the southern coast of Florida under suspicious circumstances.


Micheal has another podcast called Hoax that shares mini stories about people who fabricated fictitious stories about their lives. 


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