Zodiac – A Cold Case for the Ages

The Zodiac Killer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. The podcast Monster: The Zodiac Killer explores all aspects of the Zodiac Killer case; the ins and outs of each killing, suspects, dates, and story followers.

Mary Payne sits down with podcast host, Matt Frederick, who shares what first drew him to the Zodiac case and an obsession that came with it once he started looking into it. He tells Mary Payne about the attraction of getting involved in a case that showcased a killer taunting the public and the code-breaking aspect that the public got involved in.

Mary Payne and Matt ponder the theory that Arthur Lee Allen was the killer and Matt provides his insight into why he thinks that Arthur was not the Zodiac.

Matt is also a Podcast Producer for iHeartRadio. He gives Mary Payne a sneak peek of some of iHeartRadio’s upcoming podcasts.

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